Okay so this is what I currently have in my “About” page so I thought it would make a cool first post!

Alright I guess I should start off by saying that Cricket Moira is not a real person. She’s just my pseudonym. I’ve used it almost forever, combining a minor character from one of my favorites books name and the name of one of my old favorite video game characters. I thought that it would be cool to start a blog so I’m not bored all the time. I’m really not much of a writer but I think it’ll be cool to share stuff like the make up I, the books I read, the clothes I wear, and other things with whoever actually reads this. As you can probably tell I bought a domain for the address. The fact that I actually paid for that should keep me updating regularly. I’m planning on creating social media accounts under my pseudonym to back up this blog, so I will link them as soon as I create them!

-xoxo Cricket